Parabolix QuadBoom™

and Mini Quadboom™

"The smartest boom in the world."

  • Quad-Support Aluminum Frame

  • Parallel Orientation

  • Detachable Counterweight Section

  • Steel Junior Socket and Base

  • Adjustable Counterweight Handles

"The Parabolix Quadboom™ has become a workhorse in my studio on a daily basis.  Exceeding my expectations, I've used it with a number of my largest, rather heavy modifiers, and has made it a dream to move them with ease in any position I want while keeping my lighting angles locked in position."

-Michael Taylor


The Parabolix Quadboom™ is the revolutionary next step in mounting serious equipment like Parabolix and other focusing systems that have offset weightCapable of heavy mounting, it is made from a quad-based aluminum support structure, with steel base and junior mounting socket.

Quad-Support Aluminum Frame

  • 4x aluminum support system.

  • Strong torque support to prevent twisting.

  • Supports weight offset from the center.

  • The only affordable solution for large parabolic lighting.

  • Supports all parabolic lighting systems that require a lamp offset from the center.

Parallel Orientation

  • Maintains the same orientation of your equipment, no matter the height or angle of the boom.

Detachable counterweight section for easy transport.

  • Easily attach and detach entire counterweight section using simple Attachment Pin.

  • Total length becomes 5 ft. when detached.

  • Fits into any vehicle.

Parabolix Quadboom™
Parabolix Quadboom™
Parabolix Quadboom™
Parabolix Quadboom™

Steel Junior Socket Mount and Base

  • Built for strength and support

  • Mounts onto Junior stand

  • Provides Junior Socket (1-1/8") for mounting heavy-duty equipment.

  • Works with additional accessories for mounting a variety of gear.

Parabolix QuadBoom™
Parabolix QuadBoom™
Parabolix QuadBoom™

Parabolix® QuadBoom™  Introductory Price:     $499.00

Adjustable counterweight handle and large carabiner 

  • Works with any sandbag type.

  • Sliding counterweight handle let's you control the amount of counterweight.

  • Large carabiner for attaching heavy "base weight".

  • Each handle supports up to 35lbs. of counterweight.

Parabolix QuadBoom™
Parabolix QuadBoom™
Parabolix QuadBoom™
Parabolix QuadBoom™
Parabolix QuadBoom™
Parabolix QuadBoom™


  • Total length when assembled:  84" (213cm)

  • Total length when disassembled: 60" (152cm)

  • Extension Arm Accessory adds additional 25" (64cm) to boom length.

  • Weight: 24 lbs (11 kgs)

Parabolix QuadBoom™:   $579

Available in US, Canada, Western Europe, Hong Kong, Japan

Parabolix Mini QuadBoom™:   $479

Looking for a bag?

The Flip Lid 62 by LightWareInc has an inner length of 62", and will fit the Parabolix Quadboom!


Junior socket works with existing accessories like the Adjustable Extension Arm, which extends the reach of the arm an additional 14-25" (35-64cm).