Parabolix™ Cinema Fresnel


The Beauty of Cinema - The Power of Strobes.

Our parabolic reflectors together with our Light-Focusing Mount produce an amazingly smooth and even light - rich with detail and dimensionality - giving you the quality necessary for high-end photography.  Because we use an indirect light-focusing system, each reflector becomes a focusable "beauty" light that offers range of lighting qualities - from hard to soft - providing you with an even coverage and rich detail that conventional "shoot  through"  modifiers simply cannot achieve. Up until now, reflectors like these were integrated into a closed system, costing many thousands of dollars.  We've re-engineered a whole new lighting approach that delivers the same high-quality light at a fraction of the cost!  Whether you're looking for hard punchy light, soft glowy wrap, or wide coverage with snap, we have reflectors that cover virtually all your lighting needs.