Parabolix 20 (51cm)
Parabolix® 20
Parabolix® 20
Parabolix® 20
Parabolix® 20
Parabolix® 20
Parabolix® 20
Parabolix® 20

The Parabolix® 20 is our hardest and "punchiest" reflector, and produces a light similar in quality to a Fresnel light. It provides a contrasty yet smooth light, while maintaining harder shadows and dimensionality, ideal for dramatic fashion or beauty shots. This 20-inch wide reflector gives great specularity and contrast, with smooth coverage and skin detail. And  because it is nearly 20 inches deep, it provides amazingly smooth falloff and wrap for such a small light. This reflector is an excellent choice for fashion or dramatic beauty shots.

Ideal for: Edgy Fashion, Dramatic Portraiture


-Follow our Setup/Breakdown video and instructions

-Optional grid, diffusion, scrim and flag available through our online store.

Technical Details:

  • Light collimates (focuses) at Position 1 on the Focus Rod

  • Comes with speedring and bag.

  • 16-sided deep reflector

  • Suitable for all Cage Mount strobe adapters

  • Light-Focusing Mount and Strobe Adapter sold separately.

  • Dimensions Opened: 20" (51cm) diameter, 19" (48cm) deep

  • Dimensions Closed: 26" (66cm) length, 8" (20cm) diameter

  • Shipping Weight: 7.4 lbs.

  • Strobe head and light stand not included.

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Photo by Lionel Deluy
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