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Reflector Setup & Breakdown



Instructions Overview:

The new 16 sided reflectors are now easier to set up, with support rods that are permanently attached to the speedring. To open the reflector, you simply pivot the support rods and they will automatically lock into place.

  • It is important to lock/unlock into place opposite pairs of support rods at a time. This will ensure uniform tension and make the setup/breakdown as easy as possible.  

  • For clarity, we will refer below the opposite support rod pairs according to a 1-16 numbering system:

Right-handed Instructions. Left-handed users can use the opposite hands as listed below.


Step 1:  Lifting the support rods and locking into place. Apply proper pressure to the speedring is the key to making this easy!

  • Place left hand on rubber part of speedring, and left thumb onto metal part for pressure support.

  • Place right thumb onto metal part of speedring for pressure support.

  •  Push down on speedring with both your thumbs while pulling up on rod with right fingers - until the support rod locks into place (the locking pieces are spring-loaded, and you should hear them "snap" into place).   

  • The key to this is pushing down on the speedring with enough pressure to allow the rod to lift up. Without proper pressure on the speedring, it will not be possible to lift the rods into place.

  • It is best to lift the rod at a distance of about 4-5 inches away from the speedring, to get maximum leverage and make it easier.  Lifting the rod at a distance closer to the speedring will make it more difficult to work with.​

  • Start with the first opposing pair of support rods (arbitrary first pairs we'll call #1 and #9), then lock into place the next pair in the middle those (#5 and #13). Continue like this with middle pairs until all support rods are locked in place:  

  • It is important to follow this "opposite pairs" approach. Otherwise, the tension one side of the reflector can become difficult to work with. 

Step 2:  Securing the reflector with the velcro tabs

  • Use the same "opposite pairs" approach noted above to secure each of the velcro tabs:

  • Each tab should be secured tightly and evenly to ensure best performance.  For each support rod, grab the velcro tab using your right thumb and index finger - your left hand should be placed onto speedring for support.  Move the tab over the support rod and onto the soft velcro side.  Secure the remainder of the tab tightly with the right hand. 

  • Once secured, the reflector is now ready to mount.


Step 1:  Release all velcro tabs

  • Pull apart each velcro tab to release.  This can be done sequentially for all rods (1, 2, 3, 4, 5.....16).  Place opposite (left) hand on the speedring for support.  

  • Once released, we recommend re-attaching the velcro tabs to themselves, in a loosened state below the support rod, for easier storage and assembly for the next time you need to mount the reflector.

Step 2:  Unlock all support rods from the speedring.  Just like during setup, proper pressure on the speedring is necessary to make this easy.

  • Using the same "opposite pairs" approach as before, unlock and relax each rod from the speedring.

  • Hold the rubber part with left hand, and place left thumb on the outer metal part for pressure support.   

  • Place right thumb on metal part of speedring for pressure support.

  • While pushing down on the speedring with both thumbs, lift up slightly the support rod with right fingers.  Lift up at a distance of about 4-5 inches from the speedring to maximize leverage.

  • While lifted, use your right index finger as a trigger to pull out the spring-loaded locking piece from the speedring.  Once unlocked, allow the support rod to relax.  Continue in the following order:

(#1 and #9),  ( #5 and #13)                                  

(#3 and #11),  ( #7 and #15)

(#2 and #10),  (#6 and #14

(#4 and #12), (#8 and #16)

  • It is important to follow the "opposite pairs" approach, to avoid the tension becoming too great in one area of the reflector.

  • Once disassembled, the reflector can be placed back into its carry bag.



Please e-mail us for any additional support or questions.

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