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Parabolix 55 (140cm)
Parabolix® 55


The Parabolix® 55 is a large, broad-faced parabolic reflector that never misses.  It provides an amazingly rich and beautiful soft light, with gorgeous contrast and detail.  Designed to give wide light coverage with perfect wrap, while still being very portable and fast.  Excellent for fashion, commercial photography and videography, lookbooks, and beauty work. You really can't go wrong with this modifier! The 55" Reflector comes with the new fast-latching speedring system, making setup and breakdown easy. The 55" Lighting Package also comes with the Focus Mount PRO and Lamp Adapter of your choice.  Choose between either a Cage Mount for more lightweight strobes and lamps under 6 lbs, or the Universal Adapter for heavier lamps and mono-light strobes up to 10 lbs. Optional eggcrate grid, diffusions, scrim and flag available as accessories. Light stand/tripod and strobe/lamp not included. Made in USA.

Ideal for: Fashion, Commercial, Lifestyle


-Follow our Setup/Breakdown video and instructions

What's in the Box:

55" Reflector:  55" Reflector with soft-shell carry case

55" Lighting Package:  55" Reflector with soft-shell carry case, Light Focus Mount PRO, and lamp adapter of your choice.

Technical Details:

  • Light focuses at Position 3.5 on the Focus Rod

  • Comes with new fast-latching speedring system and soft-shell carry case.

  • 16-sided deep parabolic design.

  • Suitable for indirect mounting for all strobe and lamp brands (under 10 lbs.), with appropriate strobe or lamp adapter.

  • Light Focus Mount and Strobe Adapter sold separately.

  • Dimensions Opened: 55" (140cm) diameter, 28" (71cm) deep

  • Dimensions Closed: 42" (107cm) length, 8" (20cm) diameter

  • Strobe head and light stand not included.

  • Net Weight 55" Reflector: 8 lbs.

  • Net Weight 55" Lighting Package: 14 lbs.

  • Shipping Weight 55" Reflector:  11 lbs.

  • Shipping Weight 55" Lighting Package:  17 lbs.

55" Reflector:               $599.00
55" Lighting Package:  $981.60
Parabolix 55 User Gallery

Parabolix® 55" reflector, Light mid-focused.

Photo by Robert Ascroft of the cast of TV show Speechless, using Parabolix™ 55" reflector as key light, with Parabolix 45 and Parabolix Cinema Fresnels for background.

Parabolix 55

Parabolix 55 in studio.

Photo by James Tu

James Tu - @jtuphoto - shooting with the Parabolix 55.

Parabolix 55

Luis Monteiro shooting for Vogue Portugal using the Parabolix 55.

Parabolix® 55" reflector.

Parabolix® 55" reflector.

Parabolix® 55" reflector, Light fully focused (position 3.5).

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