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Let There Be (Perfect) Light.

Introducing the



The Perfect Beauty Light.


All images shown above were shot with the Parabolix® Omni LED constant light - no strobes were used!

An LED designed for Light Shaping.

The Parabolix OMNI™ is designed to create perfect and controllable soft light, to give both photographers and videographers the beautiful light quality they love.  No more flat COBs (chip-on-board) that are designed for hard light, or flat panels that produce only flooded fill.  The Parabolix OMNI™ has a 3-dimensional lamp design that gives 3-dimensional light shaping, making it the ideal beauty, fashion and key light.   While most LEDs are flat and have limited directional spread (ie, cannot fill a soft-light modifier properly),  the OMNI™ creates a perfect omni-directional spread,  which gives you totally even and controllable soft light, unlike any other LED light on the market.  This results in a rich and dimensional beauty light, with gorgeous smooth highlights, and color-shadow transitions necessary for a beautiful and controllable key source.  


Omni LED shown with the Parabolix 55.


Photos & Video With One Light.

Our unique patent-pending lamp design, paired with its raw output power, makes the OMNI™ the one and only light you need for both photo stills and video.  Enjoy the same beautiful light-shaping quality in your videos that you get in your stills.  No need to change setups.  This saves time and money!


Omni shown with the Parabolix 35D.

Some of our Omni customers and clients:


Power and Quality

The Power and Beauty of an HMI, the Convenience of an LED.

With total output equivalent to a 450W COB (chip-on-board), yet perfectly even omni-directional spread, the OMNI™ is a powerful beauty light, capable of both video and stills.


Lamp Features:

  • 2K Output

  • 5500K CCT

  • 97+ CRI/TLCI

  • 96+ RA

  • 2x brighter than a 600W RGB panel

  • 1.5x brighter than a 300W COB daylight

Photometric Data
Measured using a Parabolix 55" in Focus Position

3 ft/ 0.91m

13304 LUX

f11 + 0.4

ISO 400

1/125 sec

6 ft/1.83m

6507 LUX

f8 + 0.3

ISO 400

1/125 sec

9 ft/2.74m

3550 LUX

f5.6 + 0.4

ISO 400

1/125 sec

12 ft/3.66m

2115 LUX

f4 + 0.7

ISO 400

1/125 sec

Feature Breakdown:

  • Perfect even omni-directional light spread, designed for soft light light shaping!

  • One setup for both photo and video!

  • Flicker-free dimming, at every frame rate and shutter angle!

  • 2K Output

  • 5500K CCT

  • CRI 97+, TLCI 97+, RA  96+

  • DMX 512

  • Wifi 2.4 Ghz 

  • Designed for both Indirect and Direct mounting.

  • Includes IP65 hardshell flight case!


Flicker-Free Dimming.

The OMNI™ uses flicker-free dimming technology for smooth 0-100% dimming.  Every frame rate and shutter angle is supported.


0-100% Dimming
DMX 512 In/Thru
Wifi 2.4Ghz
13 Customizable Effects

4 Dimming Interpolation Types
AC 100-240V Input

Ballast Features:

Designed for both Indirect and Direct Mounting.

Our patent-pending lamp design provides a reversible mount which allows for easy use and maximum flexibility.  No need for any additional cages or brackets - the support structure is built directly into the lamp!  Mounting is easy with the included 5/8" socket adapter.  Mount it indirectly inside a Para or other indirect modifier.   Mount it directly - like a standard lamp -  for softboxes, lanterns, etc. In either case, you're getting beautiful reflected light.


Front Mounting for Indirect modifiers

Base Mounting for direct modifiers

The included 5/8" socket adapter mounts to either side of the lamp.

Patent-pending lamp design!


Front plate mounting for Indirect Lighting. Works with Parabolix™ and all other focusable Para systems, using the included 5/8" socket adapter.


Base plate mounting for Direct Lighting. Mounts like a standard lamp onto a lantern, softbox, etc., using the speedring insert accessory. 


Indirect Mounting

Shown with a Parabolix 35D.


Direct Mounting

Shown with a 65cm Lantern.


DMX 512


With DMX In and Thru, you can easily control multiple units from any DMX controller or board.

OMNI Connect™

With 2.4 Ghz Wifi built-in, and the free OMNI Connect app, you can control as many units as you want from your phone or tablet.  Each OMNI™ can be assigned to a group, and groups can be controlled by your device.

Android devices are supported for the initial release, and Apple devices will be supported later in 2024.

OMNI Connect™

What's Included:


OMNI™ lamp and ballast
5/8" Socket Adapter
10 ft. Power Cable
10 ft. Lamp Cable
Quick Release Mounting Clamp
IP65 Hardshell Flight Case

California Pro 65 Warning.  For more information go to

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