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Lighting Tutorials and Education

We believe that lighting education is key to getting the most out of your equipment, and will help take your imagery to the next level. On this page you will find tutorials and discussion topics to help you get the best lighting possible!

Parabolic Refector Setup
Reflector Setup

Learn the proper setup technique for our 16-side Parabolic Reflectors!

Debunking the Inverse Square Law

Learn why the Inverse Square Law does NOT apply to focused light.

Distance to Subject

Placing your light at an optimum distance from your subject will ensure getting the best results possible. Learn how and why this is important!

Fresnel Lens and Parabolic Reflectors

Learn about light collimation and why this is important, with both a Fresnel Lens and a Parabolic Reflector.

Benefits of Indirect vs. Direct Lighting methods

Learn why indirect lighting is the best method when using a reflector-based approach to lighting.

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