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Focusable Parabolic Reflectors.

Our parabolic reflectors together with our Light-Focusing Mount produce an amazingly smooth and even light - rich with detail and dimensionality - giving you the quality necessary for high-end photography.  Because we use an indirect light-focusing system, each reflector becomes a focusable "beauty" light that offers range of lighting qualities - from hard to soft - providing you with an even coverage and rich detail that conventional "shoot  through"  modifiers simply cannot achieve. Up until now, reflectors like these were integrated into a closed system, costing many thousands of dollars.  We've re-engineered a whole new lighting approach that delivers the same high-quality light at a fraction of the cost!  Whether you're looking for hard punchy light, soft glowy wrap, or wide coverage with snap, we have reflectors that cover virtually all your lighting needs.

Designed with Precision.
Parabolix™ parabolic reflectors are computer-designed, ensuring lighting accuracy and precision.

Understanding the science of lighting and optics is key to making precision light-shaping tools, and this is where Parabolix™ excels.  Our designers are masters of optical engineering, and quality of light is our top priority.  All our reflectors are designed using high-end CAD software to ensure precision, giving the user physically-accurate, high-end light quality.  Smaller reflectors are designed for harder light with more punch, and larger reflectors give softer shadows with wider coverage, while still maintaining detail and contrast.  Whatever the size, our reflectors are designed to maximize detail and bring out the beauty and dimensionality of the subject.

Reflector Setup & Breakdown
Looking for a Travel Case?

All our reflectors come with a soft-shell carry bag, but if you need to travel,  we recommend getting a serious hard-shell flight case.  Below are some suggestions:

Pelican 1740 Transport Case with Foam - 41.0" x 12.9" x 12.5" / 104.1 x 32.8 x 31.8 cm interior dimensions.

-large enough to fit 2 entire Parabolix lighting packages, up to 45" size.

-Parabolix 55" and 65" reflectors require longer cases.

SKB Large ATA Stand Case with Wheels - 48" x 16-1/4" x 13" interior dimensions

-with this case you can fit 2 entire Parabolix lighting packages, up to 55" size, with some extra room for additional gear.

-we recommend padding the inside with additional foam protection.

-our 65" reflector requires a case at least 50" inner length.

Pelican 1770 Protector Long Case - 54.6 x 15.6 x 8.6" / 138.6 x 39.6 x 21.9 cm interior dimensions

-large enough to fit 1 entire Parabolix 65" lighting package, with some extra room for additional gear.

Lightware Inc - Flip Lid 62 -  62" x 8" x 7.5" / 155cm x 20cm x 18.75cm interior dimensions

-not a hardshell case, but looks robust enough for travel

-large enough to fit 1 entire Parabolix 65" lighting package, or 1 Quadboom, with some extra room for additional gear.

Lighting Discussion

Learn why the Parabolix indirect lighting approach will give better results than a traditional direct lighting method.

See our Community section for more tutorials and education to help you improve your lighting!

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