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Focus Your Light.

Light Focusing Mount
Light Focusing Mount
Light Focusing Mount
Light Focusing Mount

Parabolix Light-Focusing Mount


The core of the system is the Parabolix™ Light-Focusing Mount.  This universal, stand-alone mount allows you control the position of your light source inside your reflector, giving you either a focused beam or flooded spread of light, or any position in-between.  This gives your reflector a range of light qualities that you can control.  Focused light is harder, more specular, and has more contrast; flooded light is softer, has a wider spread, and much softer shadows. Since it's designed to work with all brands of strobes, it integrates seamlessly with your existing lights using the appropriate adapter. There are brand specific adapters for Profoto®, Broncolor, Bowens, Elinchrom®, Paul C. Buff™, Speedotron, Multiblitz, and Hensel strobes.For other brands and larger monolights there is the Parabolix™ Universal Strobe Adapter.  If you're a speedlite user, the Horizontal Speedlite Adapter together with the Universal Strobe Adapter will allow you to mount speedlites inside the reflector, opening up a world of lighting options to speedlite users that never existed before.



Universal Mount.


The Parabolix™ Light-Focusing Mount was designed with modularity and versatility in mind. It works with all of our parabolic reflectors, giving you total control over the focus and quality of the light from each reflector.  And with the appropriate strobe adapter, it will support any brand of strobe head or mono-light.  It mounts on both a standard 5/8" baby pin stand (C-Stand), and a 1-1/8" junior stand.  We recommend using a junior stand for our larger modifiers, because it gives you a stronger support structure.  


In the past, a system like this was integrated into one reflector, or one brand, creating a closed and costly product.  Because we have liberated the focusing mount from the reflector into separate, stand-alone products, we have created a universal system that is both more versatile and more affordable than previously available. 


Key Features:

  • Focus (spot) or de-focus (flood) your light.

  • Mounts any strobe brand, using the appropriate adapter.

  • Works with all our Parabolic Reflectors

  • Get a range of light qualities from one reflector, from hard/specular to soft/diffused.

  • Indirect strobe adapters ensure smooth and even spread of light at all times.

  • Numbered focusing tube helps you remember your preferred lighting positions.

  • Mounts onto both C-Stands or Junior Stands (Junior Stand recommended for larger reflector sizes).

  • Heat rated for modeling lights up to 500 watts.



Strobe adapters for all light brands - including speedlites.


The Parabolix™ Light-Focusing Mount is designed to work with virtually any brand of strobe or speedlite, using the appropriate adapter.  We have brand-specific adapters for Profoto, Broncolor, Elinchrom, Paul C. Buff and many more.  For larger and heavier mono-lights, we've made a Universal Strobe Mount that is adjustable to fit the dimensions of your strobe head.  Our system even works with speedlites, using our Horizontal Speedlite Adapter in combination with the Universal Strobe Adapter.  You can get great parabolic, indirect, focusable lighting using your existing speed lights with our system!

Profoto® Strobe Adapter for Parabolix™ Indirect Light-Focusing Mount

Cage-Mount Strobe Adapters for most brands.

Universal Strobe Adapter for Parabolix™ Indirect Light-Focusing Mount

Universal Strobe Adapter for larger mono-lights

Horizontal Speedlite Adapter for Parabolix™ Indirect Light-Focusing Mount

Horizontal Speedlite Adapter

Parabolix® Light-Focusing Mount, Price:     $399.00

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