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Parabolix Testimonials

Read what our customers are saying!

"I own several Parabolix Light reflectors, and they have become an invaluable set of tools in my lighting arsenal. I have access to every high-end modifier on the market, and have found that Parabolix reflectors have become my go-to choice in lighting. Their hand-sewn durability is extremely important to me since I travel the globe and need reliable gear that will stand the test of time. They are extremely versatile in their lighting quality, and using Parabolix handmade silks and fabric grids, in combination with various reflector sizes, allows me the flexibility to create images that make me and my clients very happy."

-Robert Ascroft

Los Angeles, California


"I'm really in love with the Parabolix products! They have become an indispensable tool in all my photo shoots."

-Lionel Deluy

Los Angeles, California


"The Parabolix simply gives me a better light than my other light modifiers, and it is so flexible that I hardly use anything else anymore... and I used to use a lot of different modifiers all the time!"

-Francesco Rizzato

Munich, Germany


"So pleased with both the quality and efficiency of the Parabolix. I can do so much now with this key light - both focused and soft.  It's a pleasure."

-Marc Safran

Syracuse, New York


"I purchased a Parabolix 45 after using another vendor’s product. I saw difference immediately. It had a kick, when focused, that wasn’t in the other parabolic reflector. Additionally the construction and assembly of the Parabolix reflector is far superior."

-Edgar Thompson

Maryland, USA

"I purchased the Parabolix 45' package. Each piece is extremely well integrated and solidly built from high quality materials. The reflector itself is easy to set up (1 minute is not marketing fluff) and break down, particularly compared to some of my other modifiers like strip boxes. The light quality is excellent and immediately and noticeably distinct from that produced by beauty dishes, with the advantage that the fall-off is much less so shot framing is more flexible. The light from this modifier wraps really beautifully, obviating the need for hair lights in many shots. 5/5 stars

-Travis Good

Vancouver, Canada

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