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Parabolix 65 (165cm)


The Parabolix® 65 is our largest reflector size.  At nearly 6 feet in diameter, it can provide the greatest amount of light coverage with the widest spread.  Although it is designed as a soft light, it still provides an incredible amount of punch and contrast when fully focused - like a giant beauty dish.  It creates a very large and even beauty light that covers the entire body, excellent for full body and group shots, e-commerce, lookbooks and fashion.  The 65" Reflector comes with the new fast-latching speedring system, making setup and breakdown easy. The 65" Lighting Package also comes with the Focus Mount PRO XL, and Lamp Adapter of your choice.  Choose between either a Cage Mount for more lightweight strobes and lamps under 6 lbs, or the Universal Adapter for heavier lamps and mono-light strobes up to 10 lbs. Optional eggcrate grid, diffusions, scrim and flag available as accessories.  Light stand/tripod and strobe/lamp not included. Made in USA.

Ideal for: Full Body Lifestyle, Group Shots, Commercial, Fashion


-Follow our Setup/Breakdown video and instructions

What's in the box:

65" Reflector:  65" Reflector with soft-shell carry case.

65" Lighting Package:  65" Reflector with soft-shell carry case, Light Focus Mount PRO XL, and lamp adapter of your choice.

Technical Details:

  • Light focuses at Position 5 on the Focus Rod.

  • Comes with new fast-latching speedring system and soft-shell carry case.

  • 16-sided deep parabolic design.

  • Suitable for indirect mounting for all strobe and lamp brands (under 10 lbs.), with the appropriate strobe or lamp adapter.

  • Light Focus Mount and Strobe Adapter sold as part of the 65" Lighting Package.

  • Dimensions Opened: 65" (165cm) diameter, 34" (86cm) deep

  • Dimensions Closed: 50" (127cm) length, 8" (20cm) diameter

  • Net Weight 65" Reflector:  10 lbs.

  • Net Weight 65" Lighting Package: 16 lbs.

  • Shipping Weight for the 65" Reflector: 13 lbs.

  • Shipping Weight for the 65" Lighting Package: 19 lbs

  • Lamp head and light stand not included.

65" Reflector:               $699.00
65" Lighting Package:  $1077.60
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