Inner diffusion screen for Parabolix™ reflectors.  The inner diffusion will work together with the grid attachment, as well as all other Reflector Modifiers. Your choice of either 1/4 Silk, 1/4 Grid Nylon, 1/2 Grid Nylon or Full Grid Nylon.

  • Attaches to INSIDE of reflector via velcro attachment.
  • Attaches behind the grid attachment.
  • 1/4 Silk - white mesh material that provides minimum diffusion with high detail.
  • 1/4 Grid Nylon - provides light-medium diffusion and decent specularity and detail. 
  • 1/2 Grid Nylon - gives medium diffusion and some parabolic specularity and detail.
  • Full Grid Nylon - gives maximum diffusion with less specularity and detail.
  • Scroll down inside the drop-down menu at right to choose your size.

Inner Diffusions

Reflector Size
Diffusion Type

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