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Empowering Image-Makers.

Parabolix® is a light-shaping company founded in January 2015, out of the desire to bring higher quality and more affordable light-shaping tools to a larger community of photographers and image-makers.  We recognize that more and more people need access to high-quality light, and we have designed our equipment to meet these needs. Parabolix™ is about empowering the photographer to get the lighting you want.  Our products are designed specifically to deliver you high-end lighting in the fields of fashion, portrait, beauty and product photography.


Direct-to-Customer Experience.

We sell direct to the end-user, which means we cut out extra "middle-man" costs.  This is an important factor that allows us to keep our prices affordable, while providing our customers with the highest quality products.  One of the reasons that high-end lighting has been so expensive in the past is because of the system of resellers that are put in place to maintain high prices.  This is based on an old-fashion, pre-Internet distribution system, and in most cases is no longer necessary.  We believe in a new approach, that involves word-of-mouth marketing, strong internet and social media presence, and direct-to-customer sales to help us contain costs and give our customers the best price possible. 

Better Light Through Science.

We believe that a thorough knowledge of optical science is the basis for all high-precision lighting equipment.  Our product designers have a unique combination of both professional photography aesthetics mixed with optical engineering and design skills.  As a result, our products are designed and tested with precision by photographers for photographers, to give you maximum lighting quality and control.



Made in California, USA.

Our products are designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California, and are tested by fashion, portrait and product photographers to deliver the performance and quality that top photographers need!




Transform your lighting with Parabolix! 

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