Parabolix™ 30 (76cm)

The Parabolix™ 30-inch reflector is fantastic for both beauty and fashion.  Its deep shape gives amazing detail and smooth specularity for beauty shots, while providing a very large and even coverage for fashion.  This reflector produces one of the best combinations of both contrast and coverage.


Optional diffusion, grid, and stripbox flag attachment available soon.





Technical Details:

  • Focus Position = 1

  • Recommended distance from subject: 6.5 ft (2 meters)

  • Comes with carry bag.

  • Light-Focusing Mount sold separately.

  • Dimensions Opened: 30" (76cm) diameter, 26" (66cm) deep

  • Bag Dimensions: 32.5" (83cm) L x 11" (28cm) W



 Introductory Price:   $399.00

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