Parabolix® 20-inch Deep Parabolic Reflector with speedring and bag.

-Reflector Setup/Breakdown video and instructions available here.

Parabolix® 20" Reflector

SKU: R020
    • 20" (51cm) diameter reflector
    • includes speedring and bag 
    • mounts to Indirect Light-Focusing Mount™, sold separately
    • rich specular light with harder shadows
    • similar light to a larger Fresnel light
    • suitable for all Cage Mount strobe adapters
    • dimensions opened: 20" (51cm) diameter, 19" (48cm) deep

    • dimensions collapsed:  26" (66cm) length, 7.5" (19cm) diameter

    • for additional savings, see our Light-Focusing Packages.

    • Shipping Weight: 7.4 lbs.

    • strobe head and light stand not included.

  • 14-day money back garantee

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