Parabolix 65 (165cm)
Parabolix 65
Parabolix 65
Parabolix 65
Parabolix 65
Parabolix 65

The Parabolix® 65 reflector is our largest parabolic reflector, providing the softest and largest light with the widest spread.  It is designed to give maximum light coverage with amazing detail.  Excellent for full body, group shots, e-commerce, lookbooks and fashion.

Ideal for: Full Body, Group Shots, Celebrity, Fashion, Lifestyle, Commercial


-Follow our Setup/Breakdown video and instructions

-Optional grid, diffusion, scrim and flag available through our online store.

Technical Details:

  • Light collimates (focuses) at Position 5 on the Focus Rod

  • Comes with speedring and bag.

  • 16-sided deep reflector

  • Suitable for all strobes brands, with appropriate strobe adapter.

  • Light-Focusing Mount and Strobe Adapter sold separately.

  • Dimensions Opened: 65" (165cm) diameter, 34" (86cm) deep

  • Dimensions Closed: 50" (127cm) length, 8" (20cm) diameter

  • Shipping Weight: 12 lbs.

  • Strobe head and light stand not included.

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